Xbox Series X Release Date Was Reportedly Set for August Before Being Pushed Back

Thurrot’s story comes on the heels of a report from Eurogamer claiming that Microsoft is set to unveil the Xbox Series S, also known under the codename “Lockhart,” in August. Thurrot corroborates Eurogamer’s story, saying that, while “the announcement timeline for Lockhart has been far more fluid than we have seen in previous years, fans should expect the reveal “sooner, rather than later.”

The outlet also speculated about the design of the Xbox Series S and how it might not just be “a smaller cube.” In fact, the disc-less console might not even be the same shape as its big brother.

Thurrot explains, “One thing that Microsoft mandates is when they let employees/third-parties travel with the hardware, they ask them to disguise the product. This is a standard practice in the industry but for the [Xbox Series X], Microsoft recommended employees put the hardware in a PC tower, subwoofer, or something else that is quite large. For [Xbox Series S], Microsoft has said that the hardware should be disguised by using [Xbox One] or [Xbox One X] covers which means the device is not the same shape as the Series X.”

One big difference between the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S, according to Thurrot, is the resolution you can expect from each console. The blog reports that the Xbox Series X will be optimized for 4K resolution while the Xbox Series X will only reach 1080p. This is, of course, all hearsay until Microsoft makes an official announcement.

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