See how simple combinations can help relieve sore throat and avoid taking medications.
sore throat is often the first sign that something is on the way, whether it is a flu, a cold, tonsillitis, or even a pharyngitis.

Common in the colder months, where the neck is easily swamped by temperature fluctuations (as with putting on and taking off the scarf), neck pain can be very distressing, interfering with eating, speaking, and even even breathing.

Taking medications on time prescribed by a doctor is one of the most effective ways of curbing what caused such inflammation, but the truth is that it is in the kitchen that the most natural ingredients that promise to ease the pain and keep it far away for some time .

Licorice water , for example, is one of the best ‘home remedies’, having a study published two years ago concluded that this drink helps boost the immune system, especially when ingested over six days. Blowing this drink for one minute also helps to alleviate the pain, particularly in the postoperative cases.

Any tea is also welcome at the time of taking care of the throat, since this drink promotes hydration and always provides a boost of the immune system, leaving the body capable of fighting more serious infections and that often affect the throat. Tea can also be added to honey, a highly effective natural anti-inflammatory.

Ginger is also the most important food to keep active the protective shield of the body. This root can be consumed as a condiment or as the protagonist of a tea. And this is the best way to do it .

The greedy ones can still enjoy the sore throat to eat … ice cream . Cold food promotes pain relief, however, one should choose ice creams that do not have milk products in their composition, under penalty of increasing inflammatory markers.

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