What Problems Can High Arches Cause and How to Prevent It?

Do you know? 10% of the world population has been suffering from a high arch problem, a study says. Are you also one of those who are facing the same problem? Your answer to the question might be “Don’t know”. Don’t worry! After reading this article, you’ll know whether you have an extremely high arch or moderately high arch.

Aside from diagnoses, this article will make you aware of problems caused by a high arch and how you can fix it. So, be with us to get all the information about this issue and fix it before at home.

What are high arches?

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There is an uplifted area between the ball and the heel of a foot called an arch. Some have high arches, while on the other hand, some people have flat feet with no arch at all. If you don’t know whether you have a high arch or not, the procedure to determine this is quite simple.

Healthline has an elementary test called a wet footprint test to know about high arches.

Wet Footprint Test

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Follow the below-mentioned steps to know about high arches.

1.    Just make your feet wet.

2.    Take 2 large-sized white papers and place both the papers on a plane surface.

3.    Now stand on the papers with wet feet.

4.    After that, check the wet footprints on white paper. If there is no damp mark between ball and heel, you have a high arch and vice versa.

By doing so, you can check it yourself at home.

What problems can high arches cause?

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This has no health hazards directly on a sufferer. However, it may have various other foot problems, which may lead to severe diseases. Let’s have a look at all the issues caused by the high arch one by one.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common diseases of feet. It may be caused by damage in a muscle that connects the heel and the ball. That muscle is called Plantar Fascia.

Owing to the high arch, Plantar Fascia couldn’t get the maximum support and damage. If Plantar Fascia damages, the patient feels severe pain in the heel. Apart from feeling severe pain in the heel, a patient can feel severe pain in the ball of the foot bottom.

The situation can be worsened more in the mornings after you get up from the bed.

Claw Toe

A high arch can be a cause of claw toe in which the primary affected area of feet is smaller four toes, and all the smaller toes tend to bend downward in Claw toe. Due to the downward bending, toes, often, dig the shoes’ insole and make your shoes ugly.

It’s not just about the ugliness of your shoes; claw toe can lead to severe foot pain. But the ratio of claw toe due to high arch is too minimal to ignore.

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The most common foot problem that is caused by the High arch is Metatarsalgia. In this foot issue, a patient is expected to sharp pain in the ball of the foot. And the reason is obvious. Owing to this, the weight of the body can’t be distributed on foot properly. The body weight exerts pressure on the heel and ball; thereby, Metatarsalgia can be faced by the people having high arch feet.

Similar to Plantar Fasciitis patients, the sufferer of Metatarsalgia will face acute pain in the morning (after sleeping for long times).

Note: The chances of getting suffered in Metatarsalgia are high for those who have high arch feet.

Back or knee pain

Although there are tons of other reasons for back and knee pain, yet a high arch can be one of those reasons. Typically, people with this issue can’t walk stable, and that’s why they face back, or knee pain sometimes.

But it is noteworthy that a high arch can’t be the main reason for back and knee pain. There can be other reasons too.

How to fix high arches?

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By following the below-mentioned tips, you could fix the issues caused by this. However, if you’ve to face severe pain due to a high arch must consult with your family doctor.

Feet Cushioning

For getting better support to the feet, you can arrange to cushion for feet. You can make small soft pillows for your feet at home. Just place them in your shoes and start walking. Aside from making custom cushions, there’s ready-made cushion available in the market for the high arch feet people.

Best Insoles for High Arches

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As suggested by bestfashionnova.comAside from putting a cushion beneath it, you can buy insoles for high arches. By using comfortable insole for, you’ll relieve your pain and other feet issue due to this problem.

Best Shoes for High Arches

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For those with an extremely high arch, different footwear brands have engineered different shoes to fight this. Wear the shoes which are specially made to solve the issue of the high arch can be an ultimate solution to this feet problem.

Medical Treatment

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Following the tips mentioned above can help resolve all the issues faced due to the high arch. Nevertheless, if you’ve severe foot or back pain due to this state, please consult with your doctor. By physical therapy or surgery, any foot issue can be resolved, but remember, these options are available in case of pain.

Final Words

A high arch isn’t a disease to worry about. However, it can cause different feet issues. Moreover, it is essential to note that the feet issue mentioned above isn’t only caused by a high arch. There’re plenty of other reasons for plantar fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, and claw toe. In short, this can create a problem for a small number of people, but still, you should not neglect it.

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