You can do them on the floor or even in bed.
Facial stretching may seem annoying to you, but it is essential … for the body and for the mind.

The magazine Best Health spoke with the expert Nikos Apostolopoulos, who reveals the benefits of doing stretches, because it should stretch before going to sleep and how to lengthen correctly.

Stretches focus on muscles, but also benefit tendons, joints, ligaments and bones, contributing to the development of flexibility. The secret is to start with calm, gradually lengthening more and more. To get a complete stretch, as far as the muscle meets the tendons, the specialist recommends that each stretching last for 60 seconds.

The idea is that the stretches are gentle and that in the end they leave the muscles more relaxed, and no longer tense, so if this happens it means that it did something wrong. Too much elongation can cause inflammation and pain.

As for the special benefits of stretching before going to sleep, the expert stresses that flexibility exercises “if done correctly, have a calming effect.” He adds, “Stretching before going to bed not only helps you relax your mind and body, it also helps you sleep better. When you prepare the body to sleep through [gentle] stretches, it is helping the body to recover and regenerate. ”

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