The singer is seen by many as a true example.

Not in too toned, nor too sloppy. Drake managed to get the middle ground many men want: a healthy body and fit, but no exaggeration.

As an example to many young men and men who now venture into the world of physical exercise, the American magazine has decided to reveal all the secrets that are at the origin of Drake’s body and the first – and perhaps the most important – is the commitment to the gym and with the goal outlined. As explained by his personal tainer, Jonny Roxx, Drake stays true to physical exercise and a very specific workout plan, which includes push-ups, chair dips and elevations.

But as training is not enough to achieve all the desired results, food tends to assume an increasingly important role and, in this sense, Drake’s secret is to focus on reduced carbohydrate consumption, says the publication, which highlights still the importance that the dance has in the good physical form of the singer, functioning like a kind of cardiovascular complement to the training of force that commonly realizes.

How could it not be, music is also one of the tricks of the artist. According to Men’s Health, part of the motivation and performance of the singer is due to the musical stimulus, something that even science has given as proven.

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