Tips to Avoid Problems with Your Next Event’s Wireless Connection


Event attendees today all expect for stable and fast WiFi connection. Whether you are in charge of organizing a small conference with a hundred visitors or a large global exhibition to be attended by thousands of exhibitors and attendees, it is crucial to start planning your strategy for WiFi deployment 4 to 6 weeks in advance to ensure your event’s success.

The ever increasing demand for the so-called hybrid events where live communication is made possible through event apps and video streaming among puts places a big responsibility on the shoulders of event organizers to offer sufficient bandwidth and flawless wireless connectivity to handle thousands of devices connected at the same time using the said technology.

Even though there are some venues that may have existing wireless facilities, relying only on these may not really be a good idea.

Built-in WiFi networks were meant for general usage and not really for trade shows or conferences wherein many exhibitors and visitors need reliable and strong managed WiFi services throughout the day.

If you have some doubts about WiFi network at your venue, considering the services of an internet provider would help you to avoid complaints of attendees and ensure smooth successful event experience for everyone involved.

There are several tips you may consider to avoid any problems with WiFi. These include the following:

  • Ensure that you know the maximum number of the visitors. Remember that every guest would require quality internet connection at some point.
  • Remember that attendees these days likely have more than one device. It means that if you’re expecting to host a thousand people, you will need to cope with thousands of digital devices connected during your event.

Take note that internet for events is expected and not having a good internet connection can be an inconvenience for all of your guests. You do not want poor internet signal to be the main discussion point of your event. The primary goal of event organizers is satisfied guests, sponsors, and speakers. That is the reason why you executing and planning the right wireless network strategy must be one of the tasks on your own to-do list.

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