Moving from home is often, too, the first step towards the beginning of a new phase. The moment should not, therefore, be something that disturbs us, but that motivates us to start in the best way this new stage.

Home moving can be a (very) stressful experience. A recent study has even revealed that moving home is, in 61% of cases, the most stressful time in a person’s life, surpassing even the divorce.

Thinking about her own experience, Metro publisher Ellen Scott leaves some hints that moving house is not that bad. These are small steps that can make the experience much easier.

1. Begin packing before the day of change. Begin to prepare in advance the packaging of your goods. Divide the boxes by themes – clothing, books, objects, etc – and whatever you no longer use offer to institutions or friends.

2. Take a day off. You can make the changes in a week without having to take a vacation, but this will only leave you distressed and tired. Even if you enjoy the weekend for the changes, what will happen is that you will return to your already tired job on Monday. A day of vacations can make all the difference to rest and start the week with energy.

3. Put the medication in a separate place and easily accessible. There are things that can always be missed and they should always be on hand for an emergency.

4. Always have something cozy with you. During that time when you have everything packed, but you are still living in the old house, it is important that you keep something with you that makes you feel ‘at home’. It could be that polar fleece you wear when you sleep on the couch, the mug where you always drink your coffee or tea, or a few bedroom slippers. The important thing is to have something that will comfort you and make you feel good.

5. Ask for help. We are all adults and we know we can do it on our own. But it’s a nightmare, so why massacre and do it all alone? No one will mind helping, and this little help can make all the difference.

6. Have a budget always available. Moving from home always includes expenses, either with the rental of the van, the payment of a new rent or the need to buy new furniture. Always save money so this is not a problem you have to worry about.

7. Better take a break than try to do it all at once. Do not do it all in one day. Prepare things in advance. Take the bags or boxes little by little and make the process in a phased way. When you get it you have already transported everything you wanted and it will even seem like it did not cost anything.

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