This is What You Need for the Perfect Casino Night at Home

Casino nights at home have always been a fun way to get people together and do more than just have dinner and drinks. It’s interactive, potentially rewarding, and guarantees lots of laughter (and possibly some tears).

However, to make your casino night a success, there are a few things you should plan out beforehand to create a seamless experience for everyone. Here are our top three tips on what’s important to organise.

Decide on casino games

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If you’ve ever been to a casino, you probably got spoiled with the choice of games. Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat or slot machines; there is almost nothing you can’t play at a casino venue.

At home, things are a little different. First of all, you might lack space for all the equipment. A Roulette table is pretty big (and expensive to hire) so unless you want to opt-in for a miniature version of it, Roulette might not be the game to play at your house party. Blackjack, on the other hand, is easy to set-up and while it’s pretty impressive to have a proper Blackjack table, a kitchen table covered in black cloth will do the trick!

The most popular games at any casino are slots. It’s the reason some Las Vegas casinos feature thousands of them. Now, setting up one of those machines at your house could turn out to be rather tricky, but we have an idea: Why don’t you register an account at an online casino (here is a list) and set-up one or more laptops around your flat where people can play different online slot games. It’s easy to do, and people don’t even need to bring cash; they can deposit money with their debit card.

Dress code

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When thinking about casinos, glitz and glamour are what probably pops into your head. Tuxedos, dresses and high heels – that’s what all casinos require you to wear, right? Well, in reality, it’s not often like that. Unless you want to enter the Casino de Monte Carlo at night, you’re probably good to wear shorts and a shirt. The operators are more interested in your money than how you look.

Still, when hosting a casino night at home, it’s fun to come up with a dress code and make things more classy. Tuxedos are probably a little overkill, but turning your party in a black-tie event is most certainly a good idea.

Stakes, Jackpots and time limits

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It might sound like a good idea and go with the flow, but setting some rules is imperative to guarantee a fun night. You want to make sure that stakes are not too high or else some of your guests might run out of money very quickly. On top of that, setting time limits is a good way to control who’s playing for how long. Games like Blackjack and Poker can take forever, and you want to make sure that everyone gets the chance to chase 21 and full house. Another recommendation is to set-up a jackpot that is paid out at the end of the night. There is no better way to get people excited about playing and engaging in the games than the chance to walk away with some real cash.

Right choice of drinks

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Did you know that in Las Vegas, alcohol is free as long as you’re playing at a slot machine or table? That’s right; you can literally order anything from beer to cocktails without having to pay a penny. Now, the intention of the casino is pretty obvious; drunk people take more risks and play for longer periods. It might be reprehensible, but let’s not get into the moral aspects of casino games.

When organising a casino night at home, the right choice of drinks definitely gives the event a little push. While it might be tempting to serve beer and wine, there are better drinks to offer for the perfect casino-like atmosphere.

We recommend going with classic long drinks such as Gin & Tonic or Vodka Soda. Stiffer drinks such as Martini or Whiskey on the rocks are an even better choice. And if you want to lift your event to the next level, Champagne will do the trick!

Other fun facts about casinos

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Now that you know what is required to host a successful casino night, it might be a good time to dive into some fun facts about casinos around the world. Did you know that in Las Vegas, casino resorts have removed all clocks from the walls? That’s right; when playing, there is nowhere to check the time except on your own watch or smartphone. It’s a little trick to make people forget what time it is and lose track of how long they’ve been playing. Again, let’s not talk about morality here.

Also, casinos tend to design their establishments in a specific way, known as ‘The Maze’. The goal is to make it harder for people to spot the exit and perhaps try their luck at another slot machine or gambling table before leaving the casino. On top, slots and tables are positioned in clusters with plenty of space around each cluster. The idea is to build thrill and excitement in each cluster from the cheers of winners at any table as well as the spectators around them. It means that even if you’re on a losing streak, the excitement and action might give you another boost of motivation.

You might not have the space to create a maze in your house and it’s probably a little overkill to remove all clocks from the walls as well, but we thought it would be interesting to learn a little more about how casinos work and what actions they take to make people play longer, stay excited and share that excitement with others. We hope you found some inspiration in this post and wish you an enjoyable gambling experience at home. But remember; when the fun stops, stop!

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