“They’re All Sick:” Pete Davidson Shows His True Love By Promoting Ariana Grande’s Songs

Ariana Grande posted a clip of fiancé Pete Davidson driving and speaking up his favourite tracks from her upcoming album, Sweetener.

We have that clip beneath.

While claiming that he thought “[t]hey’re all sick,” Pete’s favourite 5 singles from Sweetener apparently are:

  1. “God Is a Woman” (“because that s*** f****** hard. Seriously that s*** bangs.”
  2. “Pete” (“which is pretty sick”)
  3. “R.E.M.”
  4. “Sweetener” (“because it’s just very happy and very fun”)
  5. “Better Off” (“because it’s sick”).

For her contribution to the video, Ariana can’t appear to cease herself from laughing any time her fiancé says a phrase.

Enjoy the clip.

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