Consuming the drink often protects the heart.
Good news for coffee lovers. According to a recent study by the University of Colorado School of Medicine in the United States, this drink enjoyed a little around the world not only gives extra energy, it also decreases the likelihood of suffering from heart failure, heart attacks and coronary heart disease.

The study utilized a randomized algorithm to analyze data from a large long-term epidemiological study conducted by the Framingham Heart Study and was able to associate drinking with benefits to the heart.

At the time, the research had already accompanied more than 15,000 people with heart disease since 1940 and had concluded that each cup of coffee consumed – an average of 236 milliliters each -, the risk of heart failure falls 7%, the attack reduces about 8% and that of coronary diseases reduces 5%.

To confirm the data previously obtained, the American scientists repeated the use of the algorithm with data from two other studies, done by the Cardiovascular Heart Study and Atherosclerosis Risk In Communities Study, and also identified the same relation between consumption and risk of diseases cardiac disorders.

According to the study, almost all participants (97%) consumed between one and six cups of coffee per day, measures that leave scientists in doubt as to the potential growth of benefits as consumption increases.

This new study, the magazine continues on its website, not only reinforces the importance of coffee consumption (unless recommended otherwise), but also supports the idea that using machines to analyze data can help scientists identify others unknown risk factors – or protective factors – of diseases.

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