Style Instagrammers to Follow during COVID for Fashion Inspiration

As many of us are stuck at home this summer, it hasn’t exactly been the most inspiring time to get dressed up. Our trips these days may involve just mundane trips from the living room to the kitchen, and our styling inspiration has left us in favor of comfortable clothing and sometimes even pajamas. As a result of our lack of effort when it comes to our ensembles, our mood has suffered from a lack of feel-good attire that made us feel like the best version of ourselves. However, some style influencers have taken it upon themselves to fight this lack of fashion inspiration and despite the pandemic and indoor living create fashion looks that are still mouthwatering. They have made loungewear look absolutely fitting even for nighttime (think silk sets of button-down shirts and wide-legged pants with heels and an evening clutch). With summer in full swing, we wanted to compose a list of our favorite style influencers that are making us get out of our pajama sets and put on our finest gear, or at least order a pair of chic loungewear sets.

Below, we are including our top picks for the most stylish influencers to follow during the pandemic that will motivate you to style yourself even while at home:

1. Phil Cohen

Source: opumo

Phil is a graphic designer a creative director who is passionate about men’s fashion and flatways. He has one of the most unique accounts on Instagram that is composed of men’s shirts, pants, accessories on flat surfaces into on the most fetching displays of timeless men’s wear.

2. Amra Beganovich

Source: downtownmagazinenyc

Amra is a top style influencer and a founder of an influencer agency in NYC – Amraandelma. She likes to play with street style looks that involve both casual and dressed up pieces. Her looks vary from beach chic to winter ski gear and everything in between.

3. Gabi Gergg

Source: fashionista

Gabi is known as a plus-size top fashion influencer who teaches women that you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to look absolutely stunning in larger size pieces. She has been known to sell out her collaborations with brands and has worked with some of the most notable companies including Playful Promises and swimwear collection for Swimsuits4All.

4. Garance Dore

Source: hollywoodreporterGarance Doré née Mariline Fiori is a style Instagrammer originally from France. She is also a photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, and writer. Garance is a founder of Atelier Dore, a renowned blog focused on design. She has worked with some of the most notable fashion houses, including Louis Vuitton, Gap, Kate Spade, and Dior.

5. Elma Beganovich

Source: medium

Elma Beganovich is based in New York City with a focus on lifestyle, travel, and fashion. She is also the co-founder of a digital marketing agency in NYC, A&E. She has been featured in Forbes, WSJ, Entrepreneur, and has worked with some of the most notable brands including Nestle, J&J, Bvlgari and more.

6. Lyn Slater

Source: today

Lyn is a style influencer who is also a University Professor. She founded her blog in 2013 called the Accidental Icon and has been covering fashion ever since. Lyn said that she was inspired to start her blog when she was thinking about going natural with her and letting it go white. At 65, she does not seem to be slowing down any time soon.

7. Courtney Quinn

Source: businessinsider

With her love for color, Courtney is a style influencer that likes to motivate others to introduce some brightness into their wardrobe. She is also a body-positivity influencer and likes to encourage other plus size women to experiment with their style as well.

8. Elle Ferguson

Source: youtube

Elle is one of the most well-known style influencers from Australia who is well-known for her boho-chic aesthetic and her blond beach-inspired hair. She is also the founder of the blog “They All Hate Us” and is a big advocate of cruelty-free products. Elle has collaborated with some of the most notable fashion brands including Revolve, Zimmerman, and more.

9. Rumi Neely

Source: instyle

Rumi is a well-known social media person from Los Angeles and a founder of the “Fashion Toast.” She is known for starting her now well-known eBay vintage site “Treasure Chest Vintage.” Her website has over 5 million visits per day according to PR Cision. Rumi has worked with some of the most notable fashion brands including Revolve.

10. Nima Benati

Source: twitter

Nima is a super well-known fashion photographer who has worked with Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Moet & Chandon, and Mastercard. She is also a fashion influencer who likes to post dreamy vintage-inspired shots from Italian beaches and other summer European destinations. Her style is inspired by glam designers and 50s and 60s like styles.

11. Emma Hill

Source: jessannkirby

Emma is known for her monochrome style and a classic approach to fashions. She likes to feature different types of trench coats on her Instagram and is known for her blond bob that she has been sporting for some time now.

12. Bryan Yambao

Source: beam

Bryan is one of the first social media persons who became well known for his love of styling and traveling. His blog started in 2004 and was even acquired by Conde Nast. He was named by the New York Post as one of the top hottest internet celebrities and even Marc Jacobs named a handbag after him. Bryan has worked with some of the most notable fashion brands including Dior, Gucci, LV, and more.

13. Candela Pelizza

Source: stylecaster

Canada is a fashion influencer originating from Argentina and residing in Italy. She has worked on some of the most notable fashion editorials including Bruce Weberes shoots for Italian Vogue. Canadela and her best friend Chiara Ferragni are regular fixtures at top fashion shows and have been working with the most notable fashion brands including Chanel, D&G, Fendi, and more.

We hope you liked our list of the top style Instagrammers. Let us know who is your favorite!

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