Star Wars The High Republic: The Nihil and Their Plan Explained

The weapon the Nihil use to battle the Jedi is totally different, too. Instead of going through the Jedi head-on with Force powers, the Nihil current a menace due to their mastery of hyperspace and their willingness to deploy artistic, horrific weapons like poison fuel. The Jedi have by no means actually confronted a menace like this earlier than within the Disney period.

Let’s take a extra in-depth take a look at who the Nihil are and how they function primarily based on what we realized within the novel Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule:

Who are the Nihil?

The elevator pitch: house pirates, or maybe, because the collection’ artistic administrators Jennifer Heddle and Michael Siglain name them, “space Vikings.” On their flagship, the Gaze Electric, they celebration till the work must get completed. Anyone from any species can be part of the Nihil so long as they’re keen to raid, kill, and share a few of their spoils with the group. It isn’t arduous to establish them as soon as they do be part of because the Nihil are inclined to put on steel armor, heavy fuel masks, and sport dramatic tattoos and hair types.

Along with the punk look, their principal visible and and aesthetic motif is the storm. Their image depicts three lightning bolts, and the best way the group is organized and kitted out follows the storm metaphor. The group is organized into three thousand-person models known as Tempests, inside that are smaller Storms, Clouds, and particular person Strikes. Their ships are named accordingly: the leaders of Tempests, Tempest Runners, fly corvette-sized ships. Large stormships can break into smaller strikeships and cloudships. At the highest of the pecking order is the Eye of the Nihil and the Gaze Electric.

In phrases of people, a number of principal Nihil characters seem in Light of the Jedi and illustrate the hierarchy. At the highest is Marchion Ro, the Eye of the Nihil. The Eye is a precarious place: bolstered by the truth that his father began the Nihil and he alone holds the key of how one can make the distinctive hyperspace paths, Marchion Ro doesn’t technically give orders, and even have any vote in what the pirate band does. Part of his story in Light of the Jedi is about how he holds this precarious place and why the group is organized like that within the first place. Below Marchion are the three Tempests — Pan Eyta, Lourna Dee, and Kassav.

What do the Nihil need?

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