Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 6 Easter Eggs & References

The Baryon Sweep

Admiral Vance mentions {that a} starship that has simply returned to Starfleet HQ will probably be handled with (*3*) This references a high-tech spaceship cleansing process that we first noticed within the TNG episode “Starship Mine.” In Picard’s day, everybody needed to depart a starship throughout the Baryon Sweep for the reason that Baryon particles had been lethal to natural matter. (*6*) was written by Morgan Gendel, arguably extra well-known for his different TNG episode, “The Inner Light.”

“Another Michael Burnham”

Georgiou mentions that she remembers “another Michael Burnham” attempting to consolation her in a special state of affairs. This references the Mirror model of Burnham, who we really by no means met. In the Mirror Universe, the Terran Burnham betrayed Georgiou by allying herself with Lorca. In on-screen canon, we’re led to imagine that Mirror Burnham is useless. But, the Star Trek: Discovery comedian guide miniseries, Succession paints a special image. Everyone assumes Mirror Burnham died within the Mirror Universe, however what Succession presupposes is, perhaps she didn’t? Notably, Succession was co-written by Discovery co-producer and longtime Trek author, Kirsten Beyer.

Stamets’ connection to Adira

In this episode, Stamets and Adira kind a bond over the truth that they each had been in love with somebody “who died.” This references the plain incontrovertible fact that Dr. Cubler — Stamets’ companion — was killed in Discovery Season 1, however got here again to life in Season 2. 

Poorly timed Linus beam-in references Season 2 and…perhaps The Empire Strikes Back?

Just as Burnham and Book are beginning to get cozy within the turbolift, Linus beams-in by chance, killing the temper. This in all probability references Discovery Season 2, Episode 1, “Brother,” during which Linus sneezed gross inexperienced snot in all places throughout a tense second within the turbolift. But, the way in which the scene performs out additionally will remind Star Wars followers of a really well-known film kiss in The Empire Strikes Back. Just after Han Solo and Princess Leia share an intimate second on the Millennium Falcon, C-3PO interrupts the second, considerably innocently. Linus killing the temper right here feels very comparable. Which means, perhaps Discovery’s far future, and the galaxy far, far-off aren’t so distant in spite of everything; at the very least not on the subject of romance involving cocky area smugglers and badass ladies, decided to revive freedom to the galaxy…

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