Spider-Man PS4 $199 Black Friday Bundle Already Sold Out on Amazon

For Black Friday, Sony will offer the mother of all deals, selling a $199 PS4 with Spider-Man bundled right in. Given the popularity of the PS4, and of Spider-Man as a character, and of Spider-Man the game, that is obviously an SKU that will sell bonkers.

And it looks like it already is. On Amazon, the bundle is entirely sold out, and NPD analyst Mat Piscatella has noted that it in fact continues selling out and will probably be seeing shortages. So if you want it, it might actually be best to not wait for next week to get it—it might already be all gone by then.

Sony offered a $199 bundle for PS4 last year (which ended up selling out before November was up), without a game offered. Given how popular that was, it is hardly surprising that this one, which is a better deal by every metric, is tracking so well, too.

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