Solve Sci-Fi Programming Puzzles In Prime Mover

Solve Sci-Fi Programming Puzzles In Prime Mover

Post-SpaceChem, puzzler fans have had a bevy of programming and pseudo-programming games to test their solution-crafting prowess and the new game Prime Mover looks to scratch that itch as well, with its blend of circuit board construction and input manipulation.

Reminiscent of a cross between Human Resource Machine and SpaceChem, Prime Mover has you transporting input values to waiting output ports, creating circuity paths and using a number of tools to alter routes and change inputs. A premium of space means you’ll need to carefully design paths so timing is perfect without resulting in interceptions or wrong turns.

In programming game fashion, your tools let you flip between paths, create gates and if-then loops by sorting incoming values by zero, positive, or negative, among other manipulations. Some can only be activated by switches, forcing you to rethink your path construction, but the most powerful tool adds another layer of complexity…literally.

Recursive circuit boards let you build circuitry within circuit boards, transforming a single tile into a complex processor. Whether your solution is functional or elegant, histograms allow you to compare your solution with other players in the quest for optimization.

Prime Mover is available for $ 14.99 on Steam.

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