Solo Has Selfies, Songs, And Self-Reflection

Solo Has Selfies, Songs, And Self-Reflection

If I had to describe Solo in one word, it would be “gentle.” This puzzle game completely lacks external conflict and instead turns inward, making you reflect on your own love life while solving all kinds of brain teasers.

To get this out of the way: the whole “reflecting on my own love experiences” thing just didn’t do it for me – but that’s hardly the game’s fault. I guess my approach is a little more… Wordsworthian? Media are not the right catalyst for me to plunge right into deep introspection, I’d rather do that on my own terms, sometime after engaging with something.

Like I said, that’s on me, and it’s not like the game’s approach is faulty in some way. It asks you questions such as “is it true love to put the other before oneself?” or “have you ever loved with your full heart?” and allows you to pick from a set of answers – without any direct consequence for the rest of the game. It just wants you to give these things some thought, and that in itself is pretty cool. (It is also worth mentioning that this doesn’t come across as pretentious at all.)

Even without this introspective element, Solo has a lot to offer, such as relaxing puzzles and an utterly charming little world with many curious creatures to interact with. You’re basically puzzling your way around a series of archipelagos, all the while helping some rather cute animals and taking selfies. You can also pull out your guitar at any time and play a few chords – just because.

All of this feels so nice and gentle – I think “wholesome” is what the kids these days call it. Don’t ask me. I’m a grumpy old dude and loved it regardless. I mean hey, I dare you to look at this trailer and not immediately feel at peace:

What I’m saying is: Solo is wonderful, lovely stuff and – even if I wasn’t entirely engaged on an emotional level – absolutely worth your time. Think of it as a really nice vacation.

You can purchase Solo from GOG, The Humble Store or Steam for $ 14.99. For more information, visit the game’s website or follow developer Team Gotham on Twitter.

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