Slice And Slash To Solve Combat Puzzles In Ori Hunter

Slice And Slash To Solve Combat Puzzles In Ori Hunter

Crafted for Ludum 41, Ori Hunter is a small but clever puzzler, where you must manage limited slices to annihilate rooms of demons as a futuristic ninja.

As the high-tech sword-wielder, you must clear each screen in five slashes, with the last blade-tipped dash leaving you at the level’s exit elevator. These challenges start out simply, letting you bisect several enemies in a single well-placed slash, but then Ori Hunter begins introducing new enemy types: the alert-raising Agent, the armored Tank, and the teleporting Boss.

Those enemies force you to consider the timing of your slice sequence and pushes you to figure out how to make each slash count. With some enemies requiring multiple slashes, or not able to be approached from a certain direction, you’ll need to think moves ahead, place each slash target precisely, and consider where your attack will place you on the screen.

Ori Hunter is short, but this puzzler makes the most of its sci-fi pixel art style and simple central mechanic. You can play the game on your browser through Itch,io and find the game’s Ludum Dare page here.

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