Skelly Selest Is A Top-Down Shooter Of Dealing With Hell’s Overflow

Skelly Selest Is A Top-Down Shooter Of Dealing With Hell’s Overflow

Hell is a hair too full, and the sinister beings held with cannot be contained any more. This means a certain holy skeleton needs to get those numbers down a little bit by hacking and blasting undead until they’re even more dead in Skelly Selest.

Skelly Selest presents you with a different version of Hell on each run, thanks to a procedurally-generated underworld filled with all kinds of goopy, seeping, and generally evil beasts. You need to hack or shoot them until they’re defeated, but they tend to come in large waves (what with the overcrowded underworld), so managing to weave around them in the increasingly tiny safe spaces makes for some challenging times.

While the odds are against a single skeleton, you can pick up various holy armaments as you explore, bolstering your power, as well as new characters you can rescue that will be added to your roster. Outside of regular play, you can also tackle the Pit, a place where you face endless waves of monsters, or spend a few moments with a collectible card game inspired by Triple Triad from Final Fantasy VIII.

There’s a lot for an industrious skeleton to do is what I’m saying.

Skelly Selest is available for $ 2.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Caiysware, you can head to the developer’s site or follow them on YouTube.

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