Shadow Cloud Gaming PC to Get Ray-tracing and New Subscription Options

French startup Blade has announced major upgrades to its Shadow cloud PC service that will add ray-tracing  and 4K gaming configurations in 2020. Users will be able to choose from three subscription tiers, the latter two of which will offer Nvidia RTX GPUs, a big jump from the Nvidia Quadro P5000 GPU currently included in the service’s $35 subscription.

Below, you can see the new subscription tiers coming to the service and what’s included in each:

Boost: Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU, 3.4GHz with 4 cores CPU, 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage

Ultra: Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU, 4GHz with 4 cores CPU, 16GB of RAM, 512GB of storage

Infinite: Nvidia Titan RTX GPU, 4 GHz with 6 cores CPU, 32GB of RAM, 1TB of storage

The new subscriptions will first roll out internationally in Feb. 2020. Shadow is offering three complementary pre-order offers (for the first 50,000 users). You can see how the prices break down in British pounds:

It’s important to note that the prices above reflect a yearly subscription. Paying month to month will cost £14.99 for Boost, £29.99 for Ultra, and £49.99 for Infinite. You’ll also be able to add extra storage for an additional monthly cost.

New Shadow users who pre-order the service today will be able to jump into their new subscription as soon as it launches. Current Shadow users can pick the tier of their choice so they can jump right into the new features in February.

Prices for the U.S. subscriptions will be announced at a later date.

Blade has also announced a new Shadow app for Smart TV, Android, and iOS with a cleaner, more game-minded interface that will allow players to jump right into their PC games. Take a look at the interface:

This new UI seems to address one of our main criticisms in our review of the service. A simplified UI for mobile devices without having to go through the Windows 10 interface to access your games should make for a much better experience when playing on the go. 

We’ll keep you updated as we hear more about the upcoming updates to Shadow. 

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