Seek Elytiv Carries Dungeon Dangers In Small Spaces

Seek Elytiv Carries Dungeon Dangers In Small Spaces

There’s a lot of discover in video games, and one of the best discoveries to make is a hidden one! Seek Elytiv is full of these discoveries, all within a 3×3 grid where every tile counts. Explore what may feel small at first and unravel the poetic story as you dive into every nook and cranny of your teeny adventuring space!

With little explanation and your deductions being your strongest weapon, take on the small, but still deadly, dungeon crawler that is Seek Elytiv. Within its little grid, players will find monsters that will push their tactical abilities, or push them to make a dangerous rush to the stairs to the next area.

The developer has made sure that players will have a want to repeatedly delve into the depths of this dungeon to find out the secrets it holds as well offering many things to discover that absolutely wring every last bit of play out of nine tiles. There’s no hand holding in Seek Elytiv, and those who seek a challenge will no doubt find it, but they’ll find equal amounts of amazement at what the developer has done with such a small space.

You can find Seek Elytiv on or Steam. You can also check out the developer’s Twitter and Tumblr account!

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