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Baldness cure may have been discovered

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Tips for home moving without losing your sanity

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The ‘selfies’ may turn out to be more important on Facebook

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Instagram will change the way you use it

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Protect Your Chrome In 1 Minute Against Malicious Advertising

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12 Minutes For Charging Your Smartphone? Yes, Maybe Very Soon.

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First successful human head transplant

There is one more good reason to drink coffee

Cats can ‘slow down’ asthma in children

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Facebook has (finally) eliminated one of its worst features

Seven things you might be confusing with hunger

It’s for these reasons you’re always with bruises

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China does not forgive Katy Perry and denies her access to the country for the Victoria’s Secret parade

YouTube can’t deal with sexual comments to children’s videos

Four Main Characteristics of Emotional Hunger

Is it possible to get fat in the saddle?

Why eating faster makes you fatter than eating slowly

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How to use the public toilets without risking your health

Eager to get home and take off your bra? Check what you’re doing wrong

Actress accuses Val Kilmer of assault

Want to have a body like Drake’s? Follow these tricks

With military style, Madonna visits favela in Rio de Janeiro

Jessica Alba reveals baby sex with funny surprise

China is Tesla’s big bet

Facebook tests split from main feed

Apple has compromised iPhone X quality? “It’s completely false”

Bad Rabbit: Virus disguises Adobe Flash to infect victims

Want to sleep better? Stretch before bedtime

How to protect skin from infections when you are in the gym

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Is your coffee addiction causing gastric reflux?

Alzheimer’s Prevention Could Happen Over the Next 20 Years

The Golden Rules for Quality Sleep

Five Strategies To End Insomnia

7 Carbohydrates That Help You Lose Weight