Roulette Knight’s Thrilling Life Gamble Is Surprisingly Appealing

Roulette Knight’s Thrilling Life Gamble Is Surprisingly Appealing

Russian Roulette is all about risk, but you may be able to cheat the odds in Roulette Knight! Players will be able to take advantage of items, abilities, and risk level to level up their knight and traverse the map, trying not to shoot themselves in the head the entire way.

You’ll start as a plain old Knight with not a penny to their name and no experience with being shot in the head. You can easily rectify this by loading up your trusty revolver and, depending on your risk level (based on how many bullets you load), reap the rewards if you live to collect them. Putting in multiple bullets will reap both more experience and gold, and both rewards are very handy if you want to make it through the game. Use your levels gained through experience to progress through a skill tree that can give certain healing abilities or stat boosts that can help against head wounds. You can also use items to give yourself an edge against those pesky bullets, like wearing a bucket to repel some of the bullet damage.

As you try and fail to shoot yourself many times, you’ll be forced out of that area on the map as your shots will no longer yield rewards. Hopefully, you’ll have put them to good use because each area has a damage level and number of bullets, meaning you could be walking into your grave with your very next stop.

Try to keep your head on your shoulders in Roulette Knight!


You can find Roulette Knight on here! You can also follow the developers on Twitter!

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