Resident Evil: Project Resistance – Trailer and Release Date

Capcom has launched a new website for the next Resident Evil game, and early rumors surrounding the project are absolutely fascinating. 

The website itself reveals that the game will be called Project Resistance (unless that proves to be a working title) and that we’ll see more of it at the 2019 Tokyo Game Show on September 9. Those who attend the Tokyo Game Show will also be able to see additional footage from the game at Capcom’s booth, while some lucky people who register in advance will actually be able to play the game. Capcom didn’t share any official information regarding the project beyond those details. 

However, there’s plenty of unofficial information that has us very excited about this project. Using the YouTube URL for the upcoming trailer, a Reddit user seems to have found some thumbnails for Project Resistance that showcase various characters working together to fight the zombie hordes. It’s not much to go off of, but the somewhat generic look of the characters (suggesting there’s no star character in the game) combined with the group shot teased in the thumbnail have led some people to believe that this might end up being a modern-day take on the Resident Evil Outbreak concept.

What is Resident Evil Outbreak? It was PlayStation 2 game released in 2003 that essentially served as Resident Evil online. It allowed players to choose pre-set characters with unique skillsets and team up to take on classically styled Resident Evil scenarios. 

While Outbreak was held back by the PS2’s limited online support and a few design decisions that prevented the concept from realizing it’s full potential, Outbreak was at least the basis of a great idea. We even named it one of the most underrated multiplayer experiences of all-time. We’re intrigued by the idea of Capcom producing a Destiny-like online experience set in the Resident Evil universe. 

Here’s everything else we know about Resident Evil: Project Resistance:

Resident Evil: Project Resistance Trailer

The first teaser trailer for Project Resistance has surfaced, and it showcases a glimpse at what appears to be a cooperative Resident Evil experience along the lines of Resident Evil Outbreak and Left 4 Dead

Resident Evil: Project Resistance Release Date

We’re still waiting for Capcom to confirm Project Resistance‘s release date, but we expect it to be released sometime in 2020. 

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