Remember Your Loved One With a Custom Memorial Slideshow

Creating a funeral slideshow is an emotive and memorable way to pay tribute to your loved one. Slideshows both liven up a memorial service and spark off the healing process by uniting people going through the same emotional experience.

The shape and ambiance of a funeral has changed over the years. Now, funerals and memorial services are not just the somber events they used to be. They also unite families and friends and let people share cheerful laughter as they get over their loss.

Memorial slideshows are a product of the said funeral evolution and the digital migration of the past couple of decades. They let us take a look into the life of the deceased in their happy moments and efface all the bad feelings and memories.

Read on for three reasons to create a memorial slideshow for your loved one:

Slideshows let us in on the life of the deceased

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Funerals are more often private occasions these days. Only family, close friends, and a few other people attend such events. While this may come as strange and unfeeling, there is a positive side to it in that the few people who do attend in the funeral all have an equally strong emotional connection with the deceased.

Slideshows give you the chance to view meaningful moments in your loved one’s life. Exchanging memories, sharing meals, laughing together, and grieving in unity will help spark off new bonds and build a stage for healing. To learn more about packages like this, click here.

Slideshows take you back to moments you cherished

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Videos, photos, and music can rouse emotions and memories that words alone can’t. Pictures and videos show movements and expressions – two things you can’t describe.

By ensuring each of the deceased’s close friends and family members are captured in the slideshows, the memories will be even more special and personal for everyone in attendance.

The human brain is designed to link memories to music, so having some low tranquilizing tunes going on in the background would be a great addition.

Classic Memories’ slideshow services can help you create the perfect slideshow for your loved one’s funeral or memorial service in a way that not a single one of the memories is left out.

Slideshows show many different aspects of the same occasions

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While our relationships with our loved ones may feel unique and unparalleled, we realize the many relationships that our loved ones have. Individuals relate differently with specific people, and your story of the deceased does not have to be the same as the next person’s.

Playing a slideshow of specific moments in one’s life will evoke different emotions and memories. If, for example, the slideshow contains pictures of a wedding, parents, siblings, children, colleagues, friends, or a spouse, they will all go through different emotions viewing the slideshow. The spouse will probably recall the whole planning phase and the behind-the-scenes bits that no one got to see. Colleagues would be thinking of the surprise after-party they held for the deceased while attendants who didn’t know the deceased at the time of the event will be let in on aspects of their lost friend’s earlier life.

Creating a Poignant Memorial Slideshow

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How your funeral slideshow impacts friends and family is partly down to how you select your pictures, videos, and music; how the media is ordered; and the format in which they play.

A slideshow should be arranged in a way that it helps attendants of a funeral or memorial service a view the life of their loved one in chronological order. Jumbled up pictures and videos can be confusing and may not grab the viewer’s attention.

Before approaching a slideshow service provider such as Classic Memories, collect all the photos (both digital and physical copies) that you would love to see in the slideshow and arrange them in chronological order.

Explain to the slideshow creators what you are looking to achieve, and, if possible, let them help you choose the pictures to include and the ones to leave out. You may also be provided with slideshow templates and samples of past work to help you make more guided decisions.

Classic Memories also offers in-person consultation and door-to-door services to their customers in Westchester County, New York, and Stamford and Greenwich in Fairfield County, Connecticut. They also offer consultations over the phone.

Sharing Memorial Slideshows

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One significant advantage of creating memorial slideshows is that everyone can experience the funeral ambiance without necessarily being in attendance. If for some reason, some of your family members won’t be at the funeral, you need something you can share with them, so they don’t miss out completely.

There are many tools on the internet that you can use to ensure out-of-state family members can watch your memorial slideshow too. These include SlideShare, iSpring Cloud, and Speaker Deck and popular video streaming sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Note that to share your slideshow on YouTube, you will need to change it to a digital video format.

The reason you may want to place your slideshow on a slide-hosting service is that the file may take up too much disc space, or you may want to limit the amount of time it is available for viewing. However, if you want people to retain permanent copies of the slideshow, you can ask to have it saved onto a DVD or Blu-ray or as a digital file that you can share in one or more of the following ways:

As an email attachment

Using file-sharing services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive

Embed it on a blog or website (most slide hosting services provide you with a link to place on your site)


Creating a memorial slideshow may prove taxing if you want to make a powerful statement capable of evoking emotion. Professional slideshow service providers exist for this reason. Get your slideshow prepared in time for your loved one’s memorial service using the best slideshow service providers in the market.

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