PS5 Conference: June Reveal Event Date, Time, Games, and News

There’s also the matter of the timing. With E3 2020 now canceled (not that Sony was planning on attending that event anyway) and Microsoft reportedly ready for an Xbox Series X stream in July, the timing makes sense for Sony to showcase the PS5 now. Besides, the next couple of weeks are clearly becoming an E3 replacement for many studios, so the stars do seem to be aligning for an impactful virtual event.

Given what we’ve heard thus far, though, we’d say you should manage your expectations a bit and simply anticipate the reveal of some upcoming PS5 games. Anything else we get from this event will be a bonus. In any case, it’s become clear that Sony and Microsoft are entering the home stretch of their next-gen reveal campaigns.

Here’s everything else we know about the upcoming PS5 conference:

PS5 Conference Time and Date

Sony’s upcoming PS5 reveal event will air June 4 at 4 pm ET.

PS5 Conference Games

Given that this conference will largely focus on PS5 games, here are some of the titles we could see during the show:

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