PS4, Xbox One, Switch Should All Continue to Have A Good Year- NPD Analyst Mat Piscatella

NPD results for the month of May came out earlier today, and the PS4 came out on top yet again- but Xbox and Switch managed to do well too, with all three consoles getting their best May numbers yet, and Switch ending as the highest selling SKU for the month.

But there is no denying the PS4 has done the best through this year, especially on the back of God of War– is that something that we can realistically expect to continue for a while? PS4 has the momentum right now, and while Switch has some big releases lined up in the back half of the year, neither them nor Xbox One have any major games coming in the next few months that could possibly swing the momentum.

“I think Switch should have a real nice June, and then a big boost with Pokemon,” said Mat Piscatella, analyst for the NPD Group, speaking to GamingBolt. “PS4 should continue to trend well, but Xbox One could take a month or two, especially as we get into holiday. The big unknowns are pricing and promotional strategies for Q4, which can swing shares a bit. Regardless, I do expect [a] good year for all three to continue.”

Piscatella also talked about how the US market isn’t zero sum, and how data suggests that the success of one console doesn’t seem to come at the expense of the others.

“I think the market is a bit less directly competitive than most think. Cross-ownership rates are high, shows me that these boxes are meeting different player wants and needs. I don’t think the market is zero sum.”

It seems like all three consoles are doing well, and will continue to for the coming year- though, given the various variables at play in the coming months, it will certainly be interesting to see how the market trends going forward.

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