Power Rangers: Who Are The Morphin Masters?

“Millions of years ago ancient sorcerers who called themselves the Morphing Masters hid a universe of power within two mystic Power Eggs. By casting the eggs into the sea the sorcerers believed that their ancient ancestors would look down on the eggs and protect them from universal danger.”

As Zordon described this we noticed some blurry footage of individuals in what appeared to ceremonial outfits tossing the eggs into the ocean. This was inventory footage from Zyuranger, the present MMPR took its footage from, however the Power Rangers producers repurposed it to present a backstory to the Power Eggs. 

Sounds like a fairly large deal proper? Power Rangers morph each episode, so the Morphing Masters needs to be a key piece of the lore. Well… it wasn’t. This was a tossed off reference from the earliest days of the present when capturing the present quick and low cost was extra essential than constructing a cohesive universe. While early parts just like the Morphin’ Grid ultimately acquired expanded on, the Morphing Masters had been left as a curious relic of the present’s earliest days.

Except followers always remember one thing with a reputation like Morphing Masters. Slowly evolving over time to be referred to as the MORPHIN masters (why did we lose the g? Cause Mighty MORPHIN?) the idea was at all times in background of discussions amongst hardcore followers. Who had been they? What place may they’ve within the universe? They MUST be essential, proper? It was a key level in fanon for a very long time.

But that’s all it was for over twenty years… till the Boom Power Rangers comics. Now have in mind the comics are in their very own universe (and we mentioned their relation to Dino Fury and in the event that they’re within the “Prime” universe or comedian universe at size right here) but it surely’s nonetheless related.

Rising to prominence in the course of the Shattered Grid storyline, the Morphin Masters (guess the fan title caught) had been portrayed as beings exterior the universe, ones who “set the worlds in motion.” They had emissaries to talk with mere mortals and weren’t all that involved with involving themselves “in the affairs of man.” 

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