Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode 10 Review: The Evox Snare

Devon is angry that no one can help him and we get some genuine conflict between the team. Power Rangers as a whole has suffered from a lack of conflict in recent seasons so it’s always great to see scenes like Devon getting mad at Nate for not giving him an instant fix for saving his dad.

Devon’s anger and helplessness inform all the best scenes of this episode. This is a plot that, while it could have been developed more, still works because the relationship between Devon and his dad has been properly established. We feel Devon’s pain so when he actively seeks help from other dimensions, it doesn’t feel like a cheap ploy to get fan service. It feels genuine and honest. 

It also subtly does a lot with Beast Morphers’ connection to the wider Power Rangers universe. Fans love to talk about continuity and trying to tie every season together. Most of the time this means characters returning or directly following up on plot points. I’d obviously love to see that done well but the scene here between Devon and Dr. K? If we had more small things like this it would be a lot to make this universe feel richer.

I’m sure some people are already debating how Grid Battleforce got all this information from Dr. K or why they even need it, but I don’t need it all spelled out. For one we might get it in an upcoming episode but also it’s kind of nice for their to be an implied connection that fans can work out for themselves. 

The writers of this episode, very smartly, knew that kind of techno babble/continuity check list wasn’t relevant to the scene. What mattered was Devon finding a way to save his dad.

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