PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan Clarifies Details On Sony/Microsoft Collaboration

The gaming world is still feeling the aftershocks of the recent announcement that Sony and Microsoft are collaborating. While it focuses on cloud and streaming infrastructure it hasn’t stopped people speculating and looking to the future. And it is true, to a degree. It does open a lot of doors to a lot of potential things down the road. But someone who poured a little cold water on the idea is actually the Sony Interactive CEO himself, Jim Ryan, who wants people to understand some details about the whole thing.

At Sony’s Investor Relations Day 2019, Ryan put emphasis that the deal itself doesn’t have a lot of official status as of yet. Sony and Microsoft have signed “broad memorandum of understanding” to explore potential partnerships, but not a major contract or anything of that nature. As it stands there’s no “official” partnership between the two companies, yet.

Now, that doesn’t mean the whole thing is a house of cards about to tumble down at the first gust of wind. Most likely this collaboration is definitely happening, otherwise the two entities wouldn’t have made the show they did about it, but it more goes to show just how much it is in its infancy at this point in time. If anything bigger comes from it, it won’t come for a long time.

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