Pinky and the Brain: The Touching Story Behind the Strangest Animaniacs Episode

He began discussing Animaniacs and mentioned that there was a Pinky and the Brain script that was too “inside baseball…a $300,000 in-joke.” Immediately, I guessed that it was “Yes, Always” and he fortunately confirmed it.

“None of us knew it was being written,” Paulsen remembers. “We got to work, and the scripts were on the music stands, and we started perusing. Right away, we all just went, ‘Oh my God’ and we could see Tom Ruegger and Andrea and the people on the other side of the glass because they were looking at us like we were opening a Christmas present. And we all started laughing out loud at the same time. Of course, Maurice was the star of this episode, he had yet to arrive, and we were all just slapping our knees. We couldn’t believe our good fortune.”

In addition to being a beloved voice actor and “a world class impressionist” and as Paulsen places it “a freaking genius,” LaMarche was a standup comedian earlier than making it as an actor, and he was very shut with comic Sam Kinison, who had not too long ago died in a automotive accident.

“One of Mo’s best friends in the world was Sam Kinison and he was at Sam’s funeral that day,” Paulsen says. “All of the producers knew of this going on, and when Sam died and Mo was going to go to the funeral, they held the recording of that particular episode till that day. So Mo shows up, and he’s a pro. He’s going to be able to pull it off…and man, when he started reading that script, I was sitting right next to him. I was just kind of looking out of the corner of my eye, and it was almost like he collapsed and put his forehead on the music stand and just said, ‘Oh my God. You guys, are you fucking kidding me?’ It was just fantastic.”

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