Pathologic 2 Gameplay Trailer Discusses Choices, Death and Story

Ever since Ice-Pick Lodge’s Pathologic 2 was showcased at Gearbox’s PAX 2019 panel (which also saw the announcement of Borderlands 3), its creepiness left quite the impression. As a remake of the first game, Pathologic 2 sees you entering a town infected by a deadly plague. People are dying and you’re stuck in the middle of this mess.

In a new gameplay overview trailer, the developer outlines how that will work. You can interact with a variety of different NPCs, even if all of them aren’t friendly. Not that you need to be either – sometimes, you can enter an NPC’s houses and loot their belongings or even harvest their organs when they die.

Within 12 days, you can try to save as many people as possible or let events play out and witness the town’s demise. There is a deeper story under the surface, particularly involving the local kids, but you won’t learn anything without digging around. Pathologic 2 is out on May 23rd for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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