Observation is Finally Available on Steam

No Code’s Observation is now available to purchase on Steam at 50 percent off. The sci-fi adventure title originally launched for PS4 and PC last year but was exclusive to the Epic Games Store. With its release on Steam, more players can finally experience the unorthodox story for themselves.

Observation is about Dr. Emma Fisher who’s crew has vanished. Working with the station AI S.A.M. to unravel this mystery, strange occurrences start to come to light. The twist here is that players are S.A.M. and help Emma by using the various controls and cameras in the station to see what’s going on.

Obviously there’s a lot more going on with the AI than it lets on but that’s part of the appeal. For more details on whether Observation is worth checking out, you can read our review here for more details. The current discount is only valid until May 28th so pick up the game now while you can.

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