Nioh 2 Will Not Include an Easy Mode

In an interview with Eurogamer, Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi clarifies that the studio presently has no plans to introduce an straightforward mode for Nioh 2

“I’m not against easy modes at all,” says Hayashi, “When you have a look at Nioh and its precedence, the idea is the stress of samurai fight so it did not fairly work. It’s all in regards to the authenticity of the fight, so not this time – however I’m not in opposition to it.”

While which will sound like a shut down that might probably upset those that need to see such video games grow to be extra accommodating to gamers of varied ability ranges, Hayashi elaborates on the staff’s method by explaining that, to the staff, balancing problem in Nioh 2 is extra about providing gameplay choices. 

“With Nioh 2, the largest theme we had within the staff was range,” says Hayashi. “There’s no one answer to defeating a boss, or going through different levels. There are so many various ways to approach things in your own way – one could be online co-op, that should make it more accessible. But it’s about trying to find a way that works for you, and the difficulty you want – it’s a samurai versus samurai game, so the tension needs to be there.”

Interestingly, Hayashi says that the staff did take suggestions from the Nioh 2 beta into consideration when balancing the sport’s problem. He says that some elements have been made simpler than they have been earlier than with the intention to make sure that “if you die it should feel like it’s your fault.” Having mentioned that, he will not go as far as to say the sport is essentially simpler or tougher than what got here earlier than however relatively that the staff is aiming to supply an total extra satisfying expertise.

That all sounds thrilling, and Nioh 2 is definitely considered one of our most anticipated video games of 2020. That mentioned, Sekiro arguably raised the bar in some methods for the Soulslike style, and the specter of classics like Bloodborne loom giant over this model of recreation design. We’ll see whether or not Nioh 2 can construct upon an excellent first try and supply one thing really sensible.

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