Nintendo Reveals How to Pronounce NES

Have you ever puzzled what the right means to pronounce NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) is? If not, we guess you are fascinated about it now. Is it “N-E-S”, do you simply roll the letters into the cleanly pronounced “NES” (mentioned like “Ness), or do you go with the increasingly popular pronunciation of “Nez?” Well, Nintendo has lastly stepped in to finish the talk as soon as and for all. 

In the not too long ago launched Nintendo 3DS recreation Wario Ware Gold, you will discover a museum part that showcases numerous items of Nintendo historical past. As some Twitter customers, including Kyle McLain, have identified, the Japanese model of the sport includes a slide that reveals the NES. The description beneath the image notes that the right means to pronounce the title of the console is “Ness.”

The good of us at Eurogamer requested certainly one of their resident Japanese audio system to translate the textual content of the sport to make sure the accuracy of the popular pronunciation. They confirmed that the precise wording of the console references that the popular means to pronounce NES is to say it identical to the title “Ness.”

That really makes plenty of sense. The “Nez” pronunciation is extra of a user-generated evolution of the unique title/pronunciation greater than it’s a piece of grammar discerned from any official Nintendo supplies. Speaking of official supplies, many individuals have lengthy speculated that Nintendo clued the world into the right pronunciation of the NES when Earthbound featured a protagonist named Ness. 

Not everyone seems to be accepting Nintendo’s statements as the ultimate phrase on the topic, although. Fans are already declaring the truth that the creator of the GIF picture formate pronounces it as “Jiff” (like a charlatan) as proof that not each creator needs to be the definitive supply of pronunciation info. 

As such, we guess this debate will wage on no matter this revelation. 

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