Most Popular New Celebrity Talk Shows To Watch In 2020

2020 hasn’t been kind to us so far, but there are signs of improvement with the latest announcements of celebrity talk shows. Because most of us are stuck in quarantine or are fairly limited to outside activities, we have been desperate to find ways to entertain ourselves at home.

And what’s the best way to do that? Celebrity talk shows of course. These have been booming recently and for good reasons. We all love to see our favorite celebrities get in front of the big screens once more, and this is a great way to do that.

Also, some talk shows have been very different from the traditional late-night shows we mostly see on TV. In many cases, celebrities are showing us their tips and tricks on how to cook, how to meditate, and anything in between.

So, to satisfy your need for entertainment, here are the most popular new celebrity talk shows to watch in 2020.

1. Comedy Gives Back Laugh Aid Live Stream

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Do you miss comedy shows? If so, then Comedy Gives Back Laugh Aid is the best thing to watch. It’s safe to say that comedy shows are some of the best ways to entertain ourselves while resting in front of the TV.

But with the recent lockdown rules, live shows have been canceling left, right, and center. So, a bunch of comedians got together and decided to do a live stream and make people laugh.

That includes the likes of Howie Mendel, Iliza Shlesinger, Marc Maron, and who could forget the legendary Bill Burr? And the best thing about Comedy Gives Back Laugh Aid? It’s going to be all free!

2. Miley Cyrus “Bright Minded”

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This one will live stream on her personal Instagram account and promises to be a great source for entertaining during these hard times.

It seems that celebrities fully understand that us normal people have it much different than them. While they have their mansions and endless ways to entertain, the situation for the normal American is much different.

We don’t have a huge pool or a pool table. We don’t have a giant parking lot where we can drive around and have fun. What we have is our phones and TVs and hopes to catch something good to watch.

And that’s exactly what Miley’s new “talk show” is all about.

Bright Minded: Live With Miley is a pet project that Miley Cyrus hopes will turn it into a regular thing. She streams it on her Instagram and the purpose is to give helpful advice and share the good news in times where there aren’t many.

A regular feature on her show will be getting together with other celebrities in the industry and live interviewing. The purpose is to brighten your day, and there is no better alternative out there.

3. Serena DC’s Hollywood Disclosure


Hollywood business mogul Serena DC brings forth a talk show full of celebrity bliss, gossip, and real-life stories from personalities in the industry.

Being quoted as one of the best things to watch in lockdown, Hollywood Disclosure has a different approach to the whole “talk show” way of home entertainment.

Scheduled for release in a few months, Hollywood Disclosure brings forth a simple format where Serena asks questions and her guest’s answer.

But the thing that separates this show from the rest is the fairly personal approach. The show aims to disclose feelings, love, passion, and everything that makes a star shine bright.

It’s about painting a picture that celebrities are also people. Hollywood Disclosure is highly anticipated because of the realistic approach Serena is said to have with her guests.

It moves past the glamour and façade and portrays how celebrities act and behave when not on the big screen.

You can watch the show over at

4. John Krasinski’s “Some Good News”

Source: ks95

It seems that good news is rare and hard to hear these days. But that’s not what John Krasinski, star of “The Office” and “A Quiet Place”, thinks.

If you’ve already watched a re-run of “The Office”, then you must be excited to hear that John is going on YouTube. His show will air on the “Some Good News” YouTube channel where it already has more than 2.6 million subscribers.

The show only has 14 airings and it already proves to be hugely successful. Here, you’ll see John talking to NASA astronauts, Guy Fieri, his wonderful wife Emily Blunt, and he even has a full episode where he gets together with everyone from “The Office” in a zoom call.

Simply said, it is one of the best things to watch this 2020 and especially during the lockdown.

5. Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon’s “Staying In”

Source: stitcher

“Staying In” is not a talk show but a podcast by one of Hollywood’s sweetest couples, Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon. The “Silicone Valley” star and his wife are finding ways to keep us entertained during these hard times.

What’s even better is that all the money made from the podcast go straight to charities and organizations that are in desperate need of funding during the lockdown.

The podcast has so far featured real-life stories from both their personal lives, and they’ve even cut each other’s hair. They’re both dedicated to make a change and keep you inside during the lockdown, and this podcast is a great tool to achieve that.

6. Stephen Colbert’s “A Late Show”

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This is one celebrity show that is more similar to the ones we know. But if you thought that you’ve never seen Stephen Colbert doing a live interview in his pajamas or from his bathtub, then “A Late Show” is a great way to satisfy your thirst for the unknown.

Simply said, Stephen decided that his audience will still get the daily dose of his show, but in a different format. Instead of a studio version, Stephen takes the cameras and films from the comfort of his home.

There have been some wonderful moments and gems during filming, such as the bathtub scene.

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