Moss Is A Virtual Reality Adventure Between Player & Mouse

Moss Is A Virtual Reality Adventure Between Player & Mouse

In this new virtual reality experience, Moss has players take on the role of a guiding light to a novice mouse adventurer. Join the small hero on her journey to rescue her Uncle from danger by using motion controls, helping her to navigate pathways by solving intricate puzzles or assist in combat by tangling up her enemies. Just try to steer clear of any mouse traps.

Generally, a lot of VR showcases a first-person view, but in Moss, you’ll be watching the protagonist like a guardian angel. While Moss, the young mouse in question, is a brave adventurer, she’ll need help with certain obstacles and plans on how to attack them without getting hurt. You can help by choosing foes to attack, routes to take, activating devices, and generally keeping her out of trouble!

Moss is a visual treat for players who are seeking a truly immersive adventure where they get a front seat to a wonderous journey, taking them to wondrous lands and gloomy caverns while accompanying the adorable heroine. In doing so, players just might find themselves forming a little bond with the character they’re protecting on this exciting adventure.

Moss is now available on Steam, Oculus, Viveport, and the PlayStation Store. For more information about Moss, check out the official website!

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