Monster Hunter Movie: Release Date, Cast, News, and Photos

British director Paul W.S. Anderson turned the hit video game franchise Resident Evil into a long-running film series in the early 2000s, and he’s set to do the same thing again with another property owned by Japanese publisher Capcom.

As its name implies, Monster Hunter is a sprawling fantasy game that involves protecting townsfolk from marauding creatures. It’s logical fodder, then, for an energetic special effects movie – something Anderson’s traded in for several years now. Like the last of the Resident Evil adaptations, Anderson’s Monster Hunter is filming in South Africa, with the budget set at a fairly moderate $60 million. 

The project is funded by a coalition of companies, including Constantin Films and a couple of outfits in China and Japan. Unsurprisingly, it’ll be the first in a series of movies if it’s a success.

The Resident Evil franchise was never what you’d call a critical darling, but it spawned no fewer than seven movies and made well over a billion dollars globally — not bad, when you consider that the whole series was shot for less than $300 million, which is about the going rate for a major summer superhero flick these days.

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