Measuring objects in the virtual world with online rulers

Are you looking desperately for a physical rule to measure objects, but you can not find one?
Do not worry, the virtual world also offers a brilliant solution for the dimension … There are many free virtual rules on the Internet that provide virtual rules online both in metrics (cm and mm) and inches (in) to help you. you go out with any query related to certain objects.

The Internet is by far the best way to get answers to all our questions in the search engines. But when it comes to physical activities like measuring something in real life, the Internet is not practical! is not it?

How does the rule work online?
They try to detect the size of your screen and then display the ruler in real size. We use machine learning to identify your device. So, whenever you specify the correct size, you make our rule smarter.

The rule layout can easily be achieved by comparing the ruler to the size of the object or referring to the pixels of the screen.

The calibration of these rules is normally done in 3 different ways: by referring to the size of your monitor (PPI), by comparing the size of the current objects or by refering to To the size of your screen.

Note that online rules are usually not as accurate as physical rules, especially online rules calibrated to your screen size.

How can I be sure this rule is correct?
You can make sure that the on-screen rule is the real size by measuring a “standard” item that you have in your pocket, such as A4 paper, a credit card, a iPhone, a bank note, etc. For example, you have a hundred dollar bill. You googling $ 100 bill size, finding that it’s 2.61 inches wide and then measuring it with the rule. If the measured size is 2.61, the rule is correct.

Each accurate online rule uses your monitor in pixels per inch (PPI) to display the actual size of the ruler, with great accuracy.

Enjoy the measurement of objects with a free online ruler of real size like this ruler.

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