‘Mayans M.C.’ Trailer Revs up Social Media: ‘My Body Is Ready’

The first official teaser of FX’s Sons of Anarchy spin-off Mayans MC has social media ready to pledge their lives to the Mayans motorcycle club.

On Tuesday, FX released the first official teaser for the highly anticipated spin-off series Mayans MC.

The 25-second long trailer begins with a desolate desert road and “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones playing as 10 members of the Mayans Motorcycle Club ride by. While it offers few details regarding the characters or the premise of the show itself, the tease was more than enough to rev up social media.

The spin-off, reportedly “set in a post Jax Teller world,” follows a new recruit named EZ Reyes (Revolution’s JD Pardo) as he pledges to the pivotal Mayans motorcycle club, which alternated between friend and foe of SOA‘s SAMCRO. EZ is now forced to create a new outlaw identity for himself whereas once he was a “golden boy who had the American Dream within his grasp.”

Fans of SOA got a first glimpse of the spin-off in late January when FX released a video promoting all of their original series that are set to air in 2018. In the short teaser, which showed a number of characters and the Clubhouse, fans heard the mysterious line, “If the Mayans want a future, we gotta choose a new side,” suggesting that a new era is in store for both the MC and Reyes family.

The series, from Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, has many fans anxious to see new life breathed into the world of Sons of Anarchy. The spinoff is set to debut this fall on FX.

In addition to JD Pardo, Mayans MC stars Clayton Cardenas, Angel Rivera, Edward James Olmos, Sarah Bolger, Richard Cabral, Michael Irby, Raoul Trujillo, Antonio Jaramillo and Carla Baratta.

Mayan MC’s first season will consist of 10 episodes and will be overseen by Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter.

Co-president of FX’s Original Programming, Nick Grad, commented on the new development, saying, “Kurt Sutter is a master storyteller and Mayans MC has the raw energy and intensity that are hallmarks of his signature style.”

“Thanks to Kurt, co-creator Elgin James and this amazing cast, Mayans MC builds on the legacy of Sons of Anarchy, taking it in a thrilling new direction that we can’t wait for the world to see,” he added.

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