Leap And Dash With Style In Vivid Platformer The King’s Bird

Leap And Dash With Style In Vivid Platformer The King’s Bird

Upon sleek wings, The King’s Bird unleashes your agile hero throughout difficult gauntlets, combining fast-paced platforming with a wordless narrative. Through skillful traversal, you try to flee a ruined world held in a tyrant’s iron grip, operating, leaping, and flying by way of more and more harmful worlds.

Reminiscent of the graceful navigation of Dustforce, The King’s Bird is all about momentum, its levels full of exactly-placed ramps and slopes that allow you to preserve velocity and dive into sleek arcs with precision. Using a mix of wall-running and your flight means, your clumsy traversal in early levels quickly evolves into zen-like circulate, as you try to achieve the exit or hunt down collectible birds hidden all through every stage.

The levels in The King’s Bird are giant, not restricted to a single display screen however stretching throughout rooms, letting you discover the very best paths by way of the corridors and open areas. Beyond the motion, it’s the colourful vibrant aesthetic of those areas that improve the sport’s platforming, your blinding path tracing your character by way of the intense hues of worlds impressed by Mayan, Roman, and Southeast Asian cultures.

The King’s Bird is out there for $ 19.99 on Steam; you may go to developer Serenity Forge’s site for extra particulars on the sport, in addition to their Twitter and Facebook pages.

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