Although it is very unlikely that he will get an infection from using a public toilet, it is better to be safe than sorry, is not it?

Sometimes the will arrives without warning and we have to use bathrooms in very poor condition. Knowing the hundreds of people passing by and the lack of regular cleaning, the fear of catching some disease can haunt us.

Although the risk of getting some infection from using a public toilet is very remote, prevention has never hurt. Here are some simple tips that, according to El Confidencial, should follow to protect your health when using a public bathroom:

1. Try not to touch anything. There are far more germs and bacteria on the door handle, the toilet paper box, or the faucet than on the toilet itself;

2. Cover the toilet lid with toilet paper or wipe it with antibacterial wipes and try not to sit;

3. Wash hands thoroughly after using the bathroom;

4. Choose to dry your hands with paper instead of the dryer. One study showed that hand dryers contain much more germs than paper used in public toilets for the same purpose;

5. After leaving the bathroom, apply an antibacterial gel on your hands.

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