How To Tone Inner And Outer Thighs

“Thunder thighs” is a term no woman wants to hear. Sometimes, it doesn’t even take someone else to say anything… it merely takes chafed legs to tell you that it’s time to hit the gym again. Let’s get comfortable in those gorgeous legs again, ladies. These three exercises for inner and outer thighs will work to both tone and elongate those muscles.

Grab your gliders! If you don’t have this equipment, don’t worry. You can use a paper plate on carpet or a dish towel on hardwoods! Perform these moves with the associated reps at least 3x a week for best results.

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Slide 1/3 – 1. Side Lunge with Glider | 15 reps each leg

Slide 2/3 – 2. GLIDING HIP ABDUCTION | 15 reps

Gliding-Hip-Abduction ALL-650x430

It’s important to remember your hips when working out! This move will not only target your hip flexors, but also your glutes and thighs!

Step 1: Kneel on the floor and place a glider under each knee. Brace your abdominal muscles to stabilize your spine. Try to keep the torso from moving throughout the exercise. 

Step 2: Slowly slide the knees out to the side while maintaining balance and vertical posture. Hold on to a stable surface for balance as needed. Continue sliding until you cannot move any farther without allowing your hips to shift or torso to lean. Pause briefly. Slowly return to your starting position in a slow, controlled manner without losing your balance or changing the position of your torso.

Slide 3/3 – 3. Squatted Leg Circles | 15 reps each leg

Sliding leg circles

This is an amazing move for toning your thighs because it targets both the inside and outside muscles of your thigh. It’s effective and easy to do at or or the gym.

How to do it:

Step 1: Stand with your feet parallel, hip-width apart with either foot on a glider. Your hands are in a comfortable position to help you maintain your balance during the exercise. Keep your head over your shoulder and your chin tipped and slightly upward. Shift your weight onto your heels. Engage your abdominals to stabilized the spine. Pull the shoulder blades down and back. Try to maintain these engagements throughout the exercise.

Step 2: Inhale and slowly slide one leg slightly in front of you while keeping your weight in the other heel. Both feet are still facing forward. The heels of both feet should stay flat on the floor. Your arms can be positioned where necessary to help maintain your balance.

Step 3: Exhale and slide the leg around to the side, keeping the weight firmly in your stationary leg.

Step 4: Finally slide it to the back and return to the starting position to complete this move.

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