The amount of germs and bacteria spread by the training equipment greatly increases the risk of skin infections.

The gym may even be the best place to get a stronger, toned and healthier body, but it may also be where we most easily contract a skin infection.

The various training equipment present in a gymnasium are used continuously for an indeterminate number of times and the presence of fungi and bacteria is therefore almost infinite, greatly increasing the risk of damaging the skin, causing skin irritations and even more infections serious.

As the Consumer Reports website explains, the risk of skin problems is high because bacteria, fungi and viruses cope well with the heat of the rooms and saunas and with the materials that make up the gym equipment, staying and spreading with great ease, either through clothing or directly on the skin.

One of the best ways of prevention is cleaning, and you should look for a gym that keeps all spaces neat and cleaned several times a day with disinfectant products. In case of doubt about the hygiene of the space, the athlete can always use a disinfectant gel and clean the equipment before and after use – yes, practicing good hygiene is half way to have a cleaner space and to give the to others by encouraging them to clean up everything they use as well.

Proper protection of wounds with bandages or even bandages is also an aspect to take into account, as well as taking your own equipment to the gym in addition to the towel (it being necessary to clean it after use, under pain of take the bacteria from the gym to the car and / or home).

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