How to Help Kids Wind Down After a Party

Kids live for parties, and there’s no better way to teach your children social skills than to let them have fun with their friends celebrating a special occasion. Whether you are throwing the bash or just taking your kids as invitees, parties are also a great way to meet other parents and see how your kid behaves around their peers.

There’s no denying that kids think parties are awesome, yet you might have discovered that there is one downside to all of that fun. Getting your kids to wind down after being at a fun-filled event is often a challenge, and it can seem as though those meltdowns just won’t end. After getting a few of these parties under my belt, I’ve finally figured out the secrets to getting kids to wind down. Give these ideas a try after your next celebration, and you’ll soon start looking forward to seeing those invitations.

Start the Night Before

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This is another one of those parenting moments where preparation is key. Taking kids that are already exhausted to a party is only going to hype them up, and you might even see meltdowns happen during the event. Every human being needs quality sleep time in order to rest and prepare for the next day. This is even more important in kids since they are in the phase of their life in which they are growing and developing both anatomically and psychologically. A well-rested kid is a happy one. In order to avoid embarrassing moments, make sure young ones got enough sleep the night before. According to, children 3-5 years of age need 10 to 13 hours of sleep a night. Starting off with well-rested kids will deter a whole lot of problems from the very beginning.

Immediately Go Back to Your Routine

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We can be seen as slaves of habits, and most of us feel good when there are no unplanned events and you just fall into this routine where you know how your day will turn out. Part of the reason why parties generate so much upheaval is that they tend to fall right in the middle of your children’s daily routine. As soon as the party is over, go right back to it. Did it end just after lunch? If so, then immediately head home and help your kids get a nap or quiet time if that’s what you normally do during that time of day. Perhaps, the party went late. Then, start brushing teeth and putting on jammies. Your child might balk at first, but they’ll quickly start following their instincts. Part of the reason for the following routine is that the children got used to the events that are happening during the day, any disruption in this can lead to disruption in sleeping and resting time, quality of downtime and the mood they are in the next few days. Not breaking the habits will have a positive effect on them keeping them in the timetable their body got used to, This means that eating, playing and resting time should not be changed or be accommodated to be close to the times they got used to.

Reduce Stimulation

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Parents sometimes try to keep the fun going by going out after the party. Taking your kids to the park may seem like it is going to help them blow off steam, but it can actually cause them to get overstimulated. Once you get home, reduce the noise level in your house, dim the lights and find a calm activity to do together. Reading, putting together a puzzle and doing a simple craft can all help your child shake off the stress they feel after a party. Similar to how you are feeling hyped after a good gym routine, your children experience the same reaction in the body after a party. They will be full of energy, jumping all over the place. This is the time to introduce some activities to reduce the number of heartbeats per minute and keep them calm, and prepared for downtime.

Use Relaxation Strategies

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Even a young toddler is old enough to learn how to practice self-care to relax. Try holding up a finger and ask your child to pretend that it is a candle and blow it out. Doing that a few times mimics deep breathing exercises. This will lead to an increase in the amount of oxygen in the blood, and it will lower down the heart rates and calm the kid down.  By doing so, it will be easier to get the kid prepared for the upcoming activities. One other activity that can be used is yoga for kids, it can be very interesting for them and help them cool off. It can also be something you can include in the daily routine if it seems that the young ones like it.

If your child seems to be having trouble calming down their body, then offer them a weighted blanket to use while they sleep or read a book with you. Additional weight can do much, and lead to better sleep during the night. Some other activities such as puzzles, making sandcastles, or playing with kinetic sand can lead to cool off and make the kids more prepared for the bed.


Parties are so full of noise, excitement and sugary treats that kids tend to get so riled up that they need help calming down. Too many stimuli will fire up the nerves and increase the brain activity of the kids leading to an increase in the physical activity as well. As they will be tired and hyped, they will try to run around. Being tired and hyped can increase the clumsiness and in some cases, may lead to injuries. Tired kid, is a clumsy kid, and this leads to a decrease in physical abilities/.  Remember that winding down is a skill that you can teach your kids. As always, remember that they look to you for guidance, and staying calm and composed will help them immediately start to relax once everyone gets home. Downtime is very important since it promotes growth in all aspects, and the well-rested kid is a happy kid.

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