How to Get Started With Soccer Betting – 2020 Guide

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. If you are from the USA, this information may not seem accurate to you, but in most parts of the world, soccer is the sport that attracts the most attention. The World Cup is one of the most watched events, every country has its own league and everyone watches it. This is a growing trend in the USA as well, where MLS is becoming more and more popular.

That is why soccer is the most popular sport for betting. In most of the world, almost the entire offer of each bookmaker is related to this sport and they offer countless different games. Also, the national leagues, as well as the Champions League, last for almost 10 months, so there are always matches available. This leads many to bet on the sport without knowing anything about it or how to approach it all. In our opinion, this is a very wrong approach because of which you will lose money, and it also leads to problems with gambling. That is why we have put together a soccer betting guide for you, so you know how to get started and what all you need to know before starting.

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Be familiar with the rules of the game

Although it is a very popular sport and there are not many complicated rules like football, many still do not know the basic rules. You absolutely need to know the rules to be successful in betting. It doesn’t mean you have to be an expert and need to study like you’re taking a referee’s license, but you do need to know all the rules that happen regularly. Either way, you will need some time to master them. Remember also how long the match lasts, how long the half lasts, how many substitutions are allowed and the like.

Learn as much as you can about teams and leagues

As with any sport, you will find it very difficult to be successful in betting if you know nothing about the teams and leagues you are trying to make money on. It’s also impossible to know every one equally well, which doesn’t mean you should always bet on the same teams and leagues, but it would be good to focus on familiar competitions. When you know the details of which are the best teams, what is the average of goals scored, current form, injuries, weather, condition of the field, atmosphere between players, coach-players relationship, how important the game is for them and many other factors which could be deciding, you significantly increase the likelihood that you will make money. Since many cases of rigged games are known, it is best to focus on leagues from Western European countries. There is the highest level of football, and also games are not rigged. England, Spain, Germany, France are among best. Our advice to you is to bet not only on the first leagues, but also on the lower ranked leagues in those countries. Football is at a higher level than in many first leagues in other parts of the world. The EFL Championship and Serie B are very suitable for betting due to the large number of goals scored.

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Choose the right place to bet

To avoid the various problems you may encounter, it is necessary to choose a reliable place to bet. Whether it’s online or not, check their reputation. This includes the security of your personal information and money, how fast they will payout, customer service, the experiences of other players and many other things. Fortunately for you, there are many reliable sites, such as Bet365, Bwin, UFABET and many others with which no one has had negative experiences. Once you have found a few safe places to bet, then it is up to you to explore who has the best offer. The offer includes the number of available competitions, as well as games available for individual matches. Also compare the odds on different sites, as they vary, although this is usually a very small difference. If a site offers incomparably better odds, it could mean it is a scam, so be careful.

Don’t base your betting on who you support

If you don’t want to bet on the opposing team, it’s better to avoid that match, than to play something unreal just because of who you support. Emotions must not dictate your bets, otherwise it is very likely that you will lose money. Also, if watching your favorite team is already a type of stress for you, you better avoid betting on that match, because your stress will double.

Have patience

Be patient, because it is very likely that you will not win money in the beginning, because you are just learning about soccer. This does not mean that you should lose large sums of money, but to be careful at the beginning and to invest only small sums. Also, if you happen to get money in the beginning, don’t fall into the trap and think it will happen all the time. It’s probably beginner’s luck, so definitely don’t change your approach right away.

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Avoid preseason and exhibition games

Avoid preseason and exhibition games at all costs. As their name suggests, they serve to prepare players for the season or play for some other reason, such as charity. This means that the players will not give their maximum, that many players who do not normally play will play, and that the approach to the game itself will not be serious enough. That is why it is impossible to predict who will win or how many goals will be scored.

Beware of greed

The most common mistake for everyone, even much more experienced people is to add another match, where the winner is seemingly sure, just to increase the payout. It often happens that this match does not go as expected and that is why we are left with no potential payout. And matches that are added usually have small odds, so they increase payout very little, and create additional risk.

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Soccer betting is one of the best betting options in the world and is becoming increasingly popular. As with any type of gambling, it is important to be careful and not spend more money than you can.

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