How One Woman Lost 102 Pounds in 5 Months — And Kept It Off

Two years ago, Andrea Fowler entered a weight loss contest at her gym. She had tried other diets and weight loss programs, but after seeing total-body transformations in the before and after photos, she knew this was her chance. Five months later, Fowler had gone from 259 pounds to 157 — that’s 102 pounds! Needless to say, she won the competition. Since then, she’s kept the weight off and competed in multiple obstacle course races. Check out our interview with the dedicated mom below.

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andrea fowler
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Popculture: What does your diet look like?

Andrea Fowler: 

My diet consists of a focus on lean proteins such as ground turkey, protein shakes, fish, eggs and grilled chicken. I also make sure to get in my green veggies such as broccoli, spinach, kale, green beans, asparagus and peas. I also make sure to take in some sort of good carb. I’ll have almonds, fruit in the morning or Greek yogurt as a snack. I do take in at least a gallon of water per day as well. Smaller portions with eating every 2-3 hours.

Popculture: What kind of training do you do? What are your goals?

Andrea Fowler:  My training consists of a lot of HIIT and strength and conditioning. I’m focusing on being the very best version of me. I want to become stronger, leaner, faster. I want to crush my Rugged Maniacs and other Obstacle Course Races with gaining more endurance and conditioning. I always think about my next race when I train and it helps me push through my workout knowing I’m prepping for my next one!

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andrea fowler
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Popculture: Can you tell us more about the fitness competition that inspired your weight loss journey?  

Andrea Fowler: The total body transformation contest truly changed my life forever. I made the commitment to a healthy lifestyle forever. My personal trainer told me on day one of my 20-week competition to go in with “no regrets” — and I followed through with that process every single moment of the 20 weeks.

I never wanted to look back and wish I did things differently. After the competition, I got a tattoo saying “no regrets”; it truly made me who I am today. I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I wanted to finally feel good about myself and become healthy.

I went from never working out to working out two-and-a-half hours per day. I went from going through a drive-thru once or even twice a day to meal prepping every single meal. I wanted to succeed in this contest just as bad as I could breathe.

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andrea fowler
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I started seeing week after week the weight come off and I LOVED what it was doing to me. Yes, physically seeing the results, but even more than that. Mentally, it showed me I had FULL control of ME, finally. Once I realized that, I knew I could do anything I set my mind to. I had the power and control over my mind, body, soul and life.

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Nothing is impossible with discipline, consistency and dedication. It truly is a remarkable and amazing feeling. My family was a great support system for myself and daughter as well. It meant so much to me to be able to teach my daughter how important it is to set a goal, make a plan and go get it.

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andrea fowler
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Popculture: What was the reason behind your decision to compete?

Andrea Fowler: I tried many other weight loss plans, diets and programs. I found out about my gym’s contest and looked at some before and afters and knew this was it. This was my answer.

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andrea fowler
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Popculture: How did you keep the weight off after the competition ended?

Andrea Fowler: Keeping the weight off for me was the only answer. I made being healthy and fit a part of my life. I love going to the gym and crushing my workouts, so maintaining the weight loss and exceeding new goals will always be inside of me. Keeping in mind to make healthy food choices is what really keeps me on track as well.

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Popculture: How are you doing now, two years later?

Andrea Fowler: I’m doing amazing. I love being fit and healthy. I’m still keeping the weight off and am now an obstacle course racing athlete by working out daily and eating healthy. I have a passion for living a healthy life and helping others going through their weight loss journey.

Popculture: What would you say to someone else trying to lose the weight?

Andrea Fowler: Nothing is impossible. You can do it. Set a goal and reach high for results. Live life with no regrets. It is not easy but it’s so worth it. It can be done; all you have to do is truly believe in YOU!

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