How Hard Is It to Get Started Vaping?

How many times has someone come up to their friend while holding an e-cig and invited them to try it as well? It happens more and more every day, and many times, people who have never vaped before become concerned about the risks involved or how the e-cig might change their life. They may also be concerned about what vaping entails.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about vaping that needs to be cleared up. It’s often portrayed as something mysterious and only for the people who are in the know. The subculture around it makes it feel not as mainstream as cigarette smoking. For many people, the lack of proper information in the public consciousness about vaping makes it seem like it would be complicated to enjoy and difficult to get into. However, there’s really not much to the experience.

A learning curve is going to be part of taking up any new experience, but those who are already smoking will have an easy in. They already have some similar experiences, and vaping is so much like smoking that many smoker’s trade one for the other just to enjoy the lower risk of vaping. While there are stories of people who tried to vape instead of smoke but then gave up, these cases rarely seem to be about people who found vaping too complicated.

One might hear how vaping just wasn’t the same thing for them and how it felt too different or didn’t satisfy their cravings, but it is rarely if ever a case of the e-cig experience being too difficult to get into. However, the fear still persists, and a lot of people are unsure of what vaping entails. That keeps them from enjoying this experience, and we want to assuage some fears and lay out what is involved with vaping.

Unlike smoking, vaping involves no combustion. An e-cig, or electronic cigarette, is used to puff liquid, or juice. It is a specially designed liquid that contains a few ingredients. It needs to be refilled every so often, and there are a bunch of flavour options that users can enjoy.

The act of puffing the e-cig is similar to smoking a cigarette, but the mechanics are slightly different. Slow, steady puffs provide the best throat hit, which is what a lot of people are looking for when they vape. They want that same oral satisfaction that they get from cigarettes, and while the best method is to simply take a test puff and see what works for you, slow and steady puffs generally give the best hit.

New users also need to know about using the vaporizer properly. They should not turn up the heat too much, instead keeping it as low as possible to avoid combustion and ensuring that their liquid lasts a long time. Different types of liquid will last longer, and it’s the liquid options that throw many people off. If someone is overwhelmed by all the options, then they can simply try some free samples to get a taste of what’s available. A lot of manufacturers are happy to send free samples to first-time customers to give them a chance to try some new things out and pick their favourite. This is usually their best way to go at first, until the user is comfortable with a flavour or type of liquid.

There is plenty more to learn, but these are the basic pillars of vaping. Once someone has their liquid, they know how to vape, and they just try to enjoy themselves, they will get a lot more out of it.

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