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Are you one of those people who at the least touch gets a bruise? These are the possible causes. If anyone says that it is a sign of immune weakness, there are those who blame the fumble. Bruises or ecchymoses are the result of accumulation of blood in an organ or tissue, and such internal …


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The singer is not the only one who is not allowed to enter to participate in one of the most important fashion events of the year! According to reports, the American singer Katy Perry was denied the visa to China, which ruined the plans to appear at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show at the end …

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South Korean scientists have created a new product that promises to grow hair. Science has long sought to end one of humanity’s greatest dramas: hair loss. Although baldness is commonly associated with males, this is also a problem that affects women … but the end seems to be in sight. said a group of …

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