Hillary Scott Reveals Beauty Routine As a Mother of Three

Hillary Scott is still adjusting to life as a mother of three. Scott, along with husband Chris Tyrrell, has four-year-old Eisele and three-month-old twins Betsy and Emory, which means Scott has very little time for herself.

“I will say, if I gotta run out the door I pretty much draw on my eyebrows, put my hair in a bun and maybe have time for a little wand of mascara,” she tells People. “And I really try to take a shower everyday! [laughs] That is just full transparency.”

The 32-year-old, who will join Lady Antebellum in their co-headlining Summer Plays On Tour with Darius Rucker in July, seems to exude confidence, whether on the red carpet or running errands in her hometown of Nashville, Tenn. But, perhaps surprisingly, she says most of that self-assuredness comes from the inside.

“I think some of that confidence is because technically, I am like, ‘Okay I got three pairs of Spanx on and I am doing what I can do to feel as tight as possible and look good in my clothes!’ Scott adds. “But ultimately it is the inner confidence of I am back to work. It feels great to be back.”

While Scott certainly looks to be back to her pre-pregnancy body, she credits the twins’ hunger more than any workout routine, with helping her shed the pounds.

“I will say feeding twins does a number on your body!” Scott notes. “I think the stat is I am burning 1,500 calories a day feeding my girls. You can’t do anything really in a workout class that burns that much.”

Still, if Scott isn’t feeling great about herself, she knows exactly what to do to bring back the body positivity.

“If I have this new outfit that I could wear or I could go with the old faithful that I know I am going to feel confident in, I am always going to go with the old faithful,” Scott says. “For me, that is anything black, a great wrap dress or a great pair of jeans with a t-shirt and cute blazer over it. Go with what you know you’re going to feel comfortable in because that is gonna be what the vibe you really of put off.”

A list of all of the dates on the Summer Plays On Tour can be found on Lady Antebellum’s website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/hillaryscottla

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