Hearthstone: The Best Scholomance Academy Cards

Even if the minions Vectus summons don’t gain your preferred Deathrattle effect, this card will almost always end up being valuable whenever you play it as long as the summoned whelps gain some kind of Deathrattle effect. Only the most aggressive decks will be able to consistently counter this card.

Sphere of Sapience

While it’s true that Sphere of Sapience isn’t the kind of card that wins you a game outright, you have to respect a card that is always valuable in every type of Hearthstone match imaginable.

For the low cost of one mana, Sphere of Sapience gives you four second chances you’d otherwise never get. It allows you to slightly decrease the chances of a bad draw costing you the game. We’re curious to see what kind of decks ultimately value this card the most, but it’s certainly a potential game-changer.

Lorekeeper Polkelt

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Lorekeeper Polkelt is one of the most exciting, unique, and potentially dangerous cards in Hearthstone history.

While this card will immediately be valued by slower decks that look to draw their big cards as soon as possible, the real potential here comes from combo decks which can exploit this ability with devastating results. Either way, someone will figure out how to maximize the potential of Lorekeeper Polkelt.

Doctor Krastinov

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